Morning’s come and Mariah’s gone
Morning’s come and Mariah’s gone
Morning’s come and Mariah’s gone
And it’s early in the morning.

Oh she’s gone and I can’t go….

Never did I know her mind….

Trouble, trouble is my name…

Lay by your pleading, law lies a-bleeding
Burn all your studies down, and throw away your reading
Small power the word has, and can afford us
Not half so much privilege as the sword does

It’ll the foster the master, plaster disaster
This’ll make a servant quickly greater than the master
Ventures, enters, seeks and it centres
Ever the upper hand, never the dissenter

Kruger, Krugerrand-a, whither do you wander?
Gone to the suborning of Hastings Banda
Kruger Krugerrand-a, tear you all asunder
Beira to Luanda, Gaborone to Nyanga

Talks of small things, it sets up all things
This’ll master money, though money masters all things
It is not season to talk of reason
Never call it loyal when the sword says treason

Balm for the whaler, balm for the the furrier
This’ll get the measure of an eco warrior
Incognito, come and sink a Rainbow
President will never know, I should bloody coco

Build a drone, fly it, governments will buy it
Devils in the desert sand give us a chance to try it
Don’t need their ident, propaganda strident
Blow them up remotely with a Hellfire or a Trident.

Subtle deceiver turns calm to fever
See the pilgrim flay the unbeliever
It’ll make a lay man preach and to pray man
It’ll make a Lord of him that was but a drayman

Conquers the crown too, grave and the gown too
Set you up a province but it’ll pull it down too
No gospel can guide it, no law decide it
In church or state, till the sword sanctified it

Take books, rent ’em, who can invent ’em?
When that the sword says there’ll be no argumentum
Blood that is spilt, sir, has gained all the guilt, sir
Thus have you seen me run my sword up to the hilt, sir

Hand me down some changing rhyme
Some embraces never bind
Oh hand me down your dancing line
Then I’ll know I’m home
Then I’ll know I’m home

When I arrived in this old town
Hand me down oh hand me down
When I arrived in this old town
Some forty voices they gathered round
And I was coming home
I was coming home

Some go ahead, some stay behind
Hand me down oh hand me down
Some go ahead, some stay behind
We navigate by the souls we find
And I am coming home
I am coming home

I’m navigating by one more star
Hand me down oh hand me down
I’m navigating by one more star
It’s shining bright to show I’ve come this far
And I am coming home
I am coming home

Nightmares, Mother had, of navvies in the cellar
And dark eyes looking through the window outside
How we used to vex her, how we used to taunt her
How we would laugh and chant to her dismay

‘Ware out Mother there’s a navvy in the cellar
and two more looking through the window outside

Mother heard there was to be a river builded
Just a stone’s throw away from the window outside
How we hugged each other, as we told our mother
“It’s a canal, there’ll be navigators too.”

We told Mother there’d be barges full of jewels
And wondrous things past the window outside
But where’s this river from? we said it flows from China
“Woah” thought Mom, “there’ll be alligators too.”

One night Jimmy led the navvies into town
and they looked like beggars through the window outside
There were navvies in the ale house, arguments and street fights,
Mother was delicate, she stayed in bed all week

One night Jimmy had a gentle way with words
and more pairs of hands than was decent, alright.
“Will you come along, me saucy little Susie,
Just let me put a few arms around your waist.”

Soon our mother saw the navvy with her daughter
and she locked her up in the cellar downstairs
“Do you come along, me naughty filthy hussy,
Else I’ll put this stick about your back.”

Jim gave a wink, or it might have been a blink,
and he organised a tunnel ‘neath the window outside
Not a body saw them, then they struck foundations
“Right” thought Jim, “I shall blow little hole.”

Muffled bang, and there was dust and rubble everywhere
And Jim was in the cellar of his Susie once more
How they hugged each other, yet no-one told our mother
She still has her dreams, yet she’s never learnt the truth.

When I was a little girl I knew that I could do it all
Now that I’m a woman grown, I just want some time at home

All my life is hurrying, worrying
All my life is busy ’cause I just can’t let go

When I was young and in my prime I’d read to while away the time
Now the books stay on the shelf, the laundry doesn’t do itself

I once had freedom every day to choose when I would rest and play
Now my time’s not mine alone, a mother’s work is never done

Stress and headaches sometimes hit, knock me back a little bit
I’ve got to change before I break or kill myself with too much cake

I sowed the seeds of love
It was all in the spring
In April May and in June likewise
While small birds sweetly sing

My garden was planted well
With flowers everywhere
But I hadn’t the liberty to choose for myself
The flowers that I loved dear

My gardener he stood by
And I asked him to choose for me
He chose me the violet the lily and the pink
But those I refused all three

In June there’s a red rose bud
And that’s the flower for me
For often have I plucked at the red rose bud
Til I gained the willow tree

Come all you false young men
Don’t leave me to complain
For grass that has often been trampled underfoot
Given time it will rise again

What mired Jonah’s creature
To see her rise no more?
What fate conspired to breach her
One hundred miles from shore?
For our children stand in silence
And view her bones in awe
This heart unreal, these ribs of steel
Shall sleep and rise no more

Rise no more oh rise no more
We shall not meet my friend on Canaan’s shore
Where heav’nly arcs our souls restore
So sleep and rise no more

Like a drunken man still drowning
Work’s thirst long gone before
The veins within her pounding
Not blood but molten ore
For she drew no dragon’s bonus
To burn all England’s poor
All those who bleed this earth for greed
Go sleep and rise no more

The legend of her shining
Dark carols only sing
Of casting ore and grinding
The echoes only ring
Bright tears upon us raining
From steelos gone before
For all that streamed is nought but dream
So sleep and rise no more

The Widow Cross had but one son and indeed he was his mother’s pride and joy
So she knitted him a gansey, cable stitched both fine and fancy
and it looked like royal robes upon the boy

How we knew his bright blue eyes
How we knew his golden hair
And the gansey that his mother madewas fine beyond compare

Tall and bright was Davy Cross, with a smiling face that never bore a frown
How the lasses smiled and sighed, at his strong and manly stride
On a Friday when the fishing fleet left town

For they…

At the dance on Saturday, the lasses fairly swooned to dance with him
How they fluttered at his charms, as he held them in his arms,
And their hearts beat faster at his boyish grin

For they…

Then one dark October day, there came a storm which drove us hard to lea
And our fishing fleet was tossed, yet just one single craft was lost
Leaving Widow Cross a gazing out to sea

Well she…

When just ten weeks had passed and gone, they finally brought us news about the loss
Seemed a body had been found, of a sailor lost and drowned
And in our hearts we knew ’twas Davy Cross

For we…

But it wasn’t eyes of blue, nor that hair as pale as foam
It was the gansey that his mother made that brought young Davy home

It’s one day we’ll go sailing
Just you my love and I
We’ll take us down to the waters
Where fair the waters lie

And then with good intentions
We’ll try our debts to pay
But the sun will swing the seasons
And ever win the day

Then one day we’ll go flying
Get closer to the stars
And pray that those in spaceships
will leave them as they are

Then one day we’ll start building
We’ll use what comes to hand
We’ll twine what needs entwining
And bind what needs a band

Once there was a man and he had no song
He felt his head was empty and his voice was wrong
And though he often tried, his songs were trapped inside
He couldn’t find the place where they belong

But raise your voice with mine
For now’s the perfect time to join the song

Once there was a woman and her songs were loud
She sang them in the shower and she sang them proud
But when her friends were near, her voice it shrank with fear
And left her shaking mute before the crowd

But raise…

Now if you want to sing but don’t know how or why
Don’t listen to the ones who say you should not try
There’s bound to be a way you’ve not tried before today
To free your voice to soar beneath the sky

So raise…

Once there was a singer and he made his choice
To leave his doubts behind him and to find his voice
The journey that he’s on is to learn just one more song
And sing it out and make his friends rejoice

So raise…

Well I was not bound for Eden and my bag became a burden
So here I made my garden where the banks of burdocks grow
And there was no gold or silver where the foundry meets the river
In the land of Santa Georgia where the banks of burdocks grow

Where old panes are broken and a thousand tongues are spoken
And new saints awaken where the banks of burdocks grow
So farewell cold winter we will all shine out together
In the land of Santa Georgia where the banks of burdocks grow

Well there is no peace or plenty in the land of old Brigante
But the rain falls down so gently where the banks of burdocks grow
And a fond lover’s sweetness is a lantern in the darkness
Is a grand and burning furnace where the banks of burdocks grow

Where old panes are broken …

Well the king he sent his army from the land of old Brigante
And the soldiers they were weary where the banks of burdocks grow
So they stormed the temple quarter and the glass fell down like water
In the land of Santa Georgia where the banks of burdocks grow

Now old panes are broken…

On the road to old Brigando where the factory meets the meadow
There’s a lantern in my window where the banks of burdocks grow
And a thousand trees are planted in the land of old Brigante
In the land of Santa Georgia where the banks of burdocks grow

Where old panes are broken …
Where old panes are broken …

On the 21st of October before the rising sun
We formed the line for action me boys at twelve o clock begun
Brave Nelson to his men did say “The Lord will prosper us this day,
Give then the broadside, fire away”
On board a man of war

So broadside to broadside our cannon balls did fly
Like hail stones their small shot around our decks did lie
Our mast and rigging were shot away, besides some thousands in that fray
Were killed and wounded on that day
On board a man of war

But then our brave commander in grief he shook his head
“There is no reprieve, there is no relief, great Nelson he is dead,
It was a fatal musket ball that caused our Hero for to fall
But he died in peace, God bless you all”
On board a man of war

And the merchants of Yarmouth when they did hear it so
They said “Come, brother sailors, to church now let us go,
There we will build a noble pile, all for the hero of the Nile,
Who gave his life for England’s Isle:
On board a man of war

Now our soldiers and sailors many noble deeds have done
While fighting in foreign, many battles they have won
If the Nile it could witness there or the Cape of Trafalgar declare
There is none with Nelson could compare
On board a man of war

See how the season is starting something
The swift unearthing of a summer long
And thrifty voices do greet the dawning
With fifty verses of a longer song

On yonder alder the red wood growing
As he grows older does grow more grand
His bark and berries do soothe the sorrows
Of every woman and every man

See how the season …

The sea remembers on an eve in August
Our driftwood fire like a burning man
We blew the embers and in the morning
Had fishes flying into the pan

See how the season …

The stars are burning to light the evening
And a clifftop morning will breeze along
Just fifty turnings in a longer living
Just fifty verses of a longer song

Just fifty turnings in a longer living
Just fifty verses of a longer song

See how the season …

See how the season …

On a Winter’s day I walked alone
The coldest day of all the year
And I wished that I had for my own
A sweetheart who would be my dear

Oh wedding bells ring out one day of joy
Oh wedding bells ring out one day of joy

On a day in Spring ‘neath skies so clear
I met my love for the very first time
And my heart was filled with joy and cheer
That I was his and he was mine

Oh wedding bells…

On a Summer’s day the sun did shine
We shared our thoughts and did agree
That evermore our hearts would twine
And therefore married we should be

Oh wedding bells…

This Autumn day as all can see
We stand together clasping hands
In front of friends and family
Are joined as one with marriage bands

Oh wedding bells…

Oh wedding bells…

Are you going to Bampton Fair?
Get your beer down Bob, we’re moving
Are you going to Bampton Fair, boy?
We’ll go to the fair like we’ve always done
Get in the car and give it a run
Get a few friends and have some fun
Down at the Bampton Fair, boy, down at the Bampton Fair

Who did you see at the Bampton Fair…
Young ones, old ones, me and you
Travellers, farmers, visitors too
They even had a TV crew
Down at the Bampton Fair…

What did you buy at the Bampton Fair…
A crockery set that has no cups
A brand new shirt that has no cuffs
A bloomin’ old grai that has no puff
Down at the Bampton Fair…

What did you drink at the Bampton Fair…
Twenty-one pints and one for me head
A scotch or a brandy or a port instead
All served up in a muddy old shed
Down at the Bampton Fair…

What did you get at the Bampton Fair…
Two black eyes and a broken nose
I caught a cold and I damn near froze
A bump on the head and I tore me clothes
Down at the Bampton Fair…

Will you go next year to Bampton Fair…
If the pubs are open and the beer is free
If the landlord says “It’s all on me”
If I can’t think of anywhere else to be
I’ll go to Bampton Fair, boy,
Go to Bampton Fair, boy, to Bampton Fair

There was a wife of Castlegate but I’ll not tell of her name,
She is both brisk and buxom and she likes the fumbling game
She can nip and she can trip me boys as she goes over the plain
‘Til she meets with a jolly boating man and she’s off with him again

He says “Me Molly, honey, oh could you fancy me
Come on up to my ship’s cabin and contented we will be
For I have got gold and silver and of you I will take care
And a whopping great pair of horns my love your husband he will wear

“For your husband he’s a silly old fool and he’s blind as blind can be
And so to wear the horns me love contended he will be
He can wiggle them at his leisure, he can do the best he can
While his wife takes her pleasure with the jolly boating man

“Well at Pomfret clock and tower, me love, there’s silver in great store
And I wish that we could go there, for then we’d have us some more
And we’ll sup on wine and whisky, we’ll have beer and ale in store
Here’s a health to lads and lasses and great tipplers evermore.”

There was a wife…

We shepherds are the best of men that e’er trod English ground
When we come to an alehouse we value not one crown
We spends our money freely; and we pay before we go
For there’s no ale on the wold where the stormy winds do blow.
For there’s no ale on the wold…

A man that is a shepherd does need a valiant heart
He must not be faint-hearted but boldly play his part
He must not be faint-hearted be it rain or frost or snow
With no ale on the wold where the stormy winds do blow
He must not be faint hearted…

When I kept sheep on Blockley Hill it caused my heart to beat
To see the ewes hang out their tongues and hear the lambs to bleat
So I plucked up my courage and o’er the hills did go
And penned them in, in the fold where the stormy winds do blow
So I plucked up my courage…

As soon as I had folded them I turned my back in haste
Unto some jovial company, good liquor for to taste
For drink and jovial company, they are my heart’s delight
While my sheep lie asleep all the fore-part of the night.
For drink and jovial company…

Come and I will sing you
What will you sing me?
I will sing you one-oh
What is your one-oh?
One is one and all alone and evermore shall be so

…Two is for the lilly-white babes, covered all in green-oh
…Three of them are strangers
…Four for the gospel makers
…Five for the symbol at your door
…Six for the charming waters
…Seven for the seven stars in the sky
…Eight for the eight bold rangers
…Nine for the nine bright shiners
…Ten for the ten commandments
…Eleven maidens all in a dance
…Twelve for the twelve apostles

When you were born you cried and the world rejoiced
Live your life so that when you die the world cries and you rejoice.

Bright morning star’s arising
Bright morning star’s arising
Bright morning star’s arising
Day is a-breaking in my soul

Oh where are our dear fathers?…

Some are down the the valley praying …

Some are gone to heaven shouting…

Bright morning star’s arising…